“I was referred to Black Mountain Physical Therapy with degenerative changes in my vertebrae. Cliff and his PT’s helped me strengthen my back and recover flexibility, mobility and posture. They restored my quality of life and showed me how to maintain it for years to come.”

Doug Thigpen


“I came to therapy with severe low back spasms, and with his broad knowledge, keen sense of observation, gentle and focused physical mobilizations, effective exercises and patient guidance, the therapist led me out of my troubles. I also feel that what he has given me is not just temporary, but will stay with me and prevent these problems from happening in the future. As a musician with my own track record of curing other musicians with various injuries and as someone who has had a good deal of therapeutic work, I recognize mastery when I experience it.”

David Leisner


“The feedback I have received from patients who have been treated by Clifford Shulman has been extremely positive. They are very impressed with his personal one on one approach and his comprehensive care. I have complete confidence that Clifford Shulman will care for my patients with great diligence and professionalism.”

David Baskin, M.D.


“The therapist demonstrated four skills vital to my recovery: extensive knowledge of the human body, patience, a sense of humor, and determination to help me get better. He not only restored balance to my gait, but the exercises he prescribed for me actually diminished the pain of an ancient torn ligament in my right knee. I was able to stop taking pain-killers and get a good night’s sleep.”

Eleanor Kulleseid


“The patients I have referred for physical therapy are all doing so well. They are delighted with the integrative approach: analysis of the whole person to arrive at the correct therapy. He has helped my patients with difficult musculoskeletal problems who were not helped by other physical therapists.”

Tina Dobsevage, M.D.


“The gentle moving of my body was nothing like the painful manipulations I’d experienced with other physical therapists. Besides his sensitive hands-on treatment, with his calm, reassuring voice, Cliff guided me through the learning process of realigning my body and taught me how to keep my back stable when I left physical therapy. Now I don’t worry about sitting at my desk too long, and I can lift and carry my young child without fear of injuring myself.”

Leslie Greene


“I have referred many patients to Clifford Shulman for a variety of chronic pain, orthopedic and neurological conditions and have been profoundly satisfied with the results. He is remarkably talented not only in his thorough assessment and treatment procedures, but also in his ability to communicate and actually teach his patients how to move better. His work has been an invaluable resource helping my patients achieve maximum mobility and pain relief.”

Irene H. Grant, M.D.


“Three years ago, I broke my ankle. After two surgeries and years of physical therapy and Pilates, I still had pain when I walked. Now I have zero pain walking and I can walk for miles with pleasure and ease.”

Amy Larkin


“After having been treated for scoliosis by two other physical therapists over many years, I was referred to BMPT. I have been able to reach and maintain a level of stability in my spine that I had never been able to achieve before. The treatment has been unlike any other physical therapy I received earlier. The exercises I received in prior physical therapy practices were general-purpose scoliosis regimens that did not address my specific problem. The combination of gentle therapies I experienced taught me how to make the necessary adjustments to maintain my posture and end chronic back pain.”

Name withheld at patient’s request


“About ten years ago following a bad childhood auto accident, I developed a painful condition called torticollis, where the head is constricted and turned to one side. The muscles in my neck and shoulder were severely affected. The results of working with Cliff have been remarkable.


What struck me during the first session was that he was interested in my overall posture as well as in my head and neck. I began to understand and feel that the connections through the whole body affected the balance of my head and neck, and I began to understand and feel what it meant to experience “wholeness” and “balance” in my body.


Nancy Baker


“I have osteoarthritis in both knees and my right shoulder. I was experiencing pain when walking and thus limited my walking to short distances. The therapist had an uncanny ability to diagnose, prescribe and apply therapy. He seems to be able to interpret subtle movements of the body and determine what is working appropriately and what is not.


I’m in far less pain now. I can now walk several miles at a clip, my joints are no longer stiff, and my bow legs are even far less exaggerated. And this all seems pretty much permanent.”

Norm Golden


“Clifford Shulman is a bright, caring and capable physical therapist. I refer patients to him with full confidence that he will look at and treat the whole individual person with gentle, creative care. Clifford integrates many helpful modalities in his work and gets great results.”

Zinaida Pelkey, D.O.



“Having been treated for chronic migraines and a back injury, I do not hesitate to say that with the physical therapist was excellent. His keen ability to communicate clearly and compassionately adds, as well, to the healing process. As a practicing psychotherapist for more than 25 years, I have referred people because he is ethical and caring, as well as being gifted in the techniques he has perfected.”

Linda Shapiro, M.D., A.S. A.C.


“I received treatment at BMPT for my back and frozen shoulder. I was unable to stand to wash my dishes or reach up to turn the light on. I thought I would never be able to use my arm and shoulder the way I can now. After four weeks of physical therapy, I could reach up to turn the light on, cook and wash dishes. Thanks to BMPT for all they have done for me I so very much appreciate the caring, thoughtfulness and kindness I received.”

Evelyn Hart


“I have had very good results in my treatment to restore the range of motion in my arm after a fractured shoulder. I have received the best treatment and care at Black Mountain Physical Therapy.”

Ruth Cooke


“After coming to Black Mountain Physical Therapy, I realized that there were deeper issues that needed to be addressed to rectify the back pain I was having. The therapist made the sessions fun and comfortable. I was amazed at how quickly the core muscles can weaken but just as amazed at the simple exercises that can strengthen them. My therapist was always happy to answer all my questions and address any issue. I highly recommend BMPT!”



“Having never been to a physical therapist, I expected to be put in a class and do exercises to get back the use of my right arm. This was not the case, as I experienced therapy on a one to one basis. I was amazed at how small gentle movements could make such a difference in the performance of my arm. I was pleased at the improvement after each visit. My therapist also observed my sagging shoulder, which I figured was a life long problem, and now I am standing straight and have full use of my arm. He was always reassuring, patient, and the results are fantastic!”

Eleanor Bridell



“The care I received at BMPT has provided drastic improvement in my physical condition and abilities. Almost immediately, my headaches lessened in frequency and severity. I rarely have one now and I have gradually regained a good deal of the range of motion I had lost in my left shoulder.

The exercises along with helpful insights on how I can better approach basic functions, have been of tremendous benefit to me. The therapist’s professional and compassionate manner put me at ease from my very first treatment.”

Kathy Shook



“I sought medical care for chronic neck pain that had become uncontrolled with medication and heat. Through weeks of therapy at Black Mountain Physical Therapy, I learned techniques of posture and exercise that aided my pain relief. My experience working with Cliff was valuable. He provides “hands on” therapy and consistent in-depth instruction. He has created a respectful environment of personal care and concern for his patients. I am very pleased with my progress and know that I can return to this practice with the confidence that my concerns and problems are going to be met with expertise. Cliff is carrying on the excellent reputation of Black Mountain Physical Therapy.”

Marilyn Stevens


“I couldn’t run because of back pain when I first came to BMPT and now I can run as well as ride my motorcycle without pain. My back doesn’t hurt as I ride now, and I have better control even when mountain biking.  My mobility has improved and I feel more confident as I exercise and do the things I love to do.”

Alex Watts


“I had shoulder and neck pain and I didn’t think physical therapy would help me.  But I was pleasantly surprised!  I was treated kindly each visit and my shoulder and neck is much improved.”

    Jean Jones


“I came for treatment at BMPT after having seen other physical therapists for sciatica, which has bothered me for two years.  The approach was unique in that he looked at my condition wholistically.  That is, he helped me to become conscious as to how my posture, both standing, sitting and moving, could alter the pressure on my sciatic nerve.  The therapist was open to hearing my feedback and sensitively incorporated it into my sessions.  I continue to experience improvement in my symptoms as a result of my treatments at BMPT.”

   Name withheld at patient’s request


“I came with unsteadiness in my balance in standing and walking, had a drop foot and couldn’t touch my heel to the ground.  Now, after therapy at BMPT, I can walk without fear of losing my balance, my stride has improved and I feel safer walking my dogs.  The therapy was very personal, enjoyable and fun!”  

Dee Brockway


“BMPT goes above and beyond what I’d experienced in physical therapy previously.  I had severe low back and sciatic pain when I came to BMPT.  I couldn’t sit without excruciating pain and driving was horrendous. With my first treatment, I felt immediate relief and the exercises and continued treatment gave me 100% relief so that I could resume my normal activities without pain. “   

   LuAnn Bryan

“I broke my ankle in 3 places,  lost range of motion, was in pain, and couldn’t walk, climb stairs or exercise.  After working with BMPT, I experienced a miraculous recovery!  The therapists knowledge of the body and attention to detail enabled me to walk, do stairs and even exercise again. . and I’m no longer in pain.”           

Lynn Mitchell


“I had pain in my neck and couldn’t turn my head to drive for months.  After being treated at BMPT, I can now see over my shoulder, turn my head and I’m not in pain.”

Roy Atwood


“I came to BMPT for treatment of fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease.  My treatment helped me develop  more mobility and stamina and I especially appreciated the holistic approach.  I learned that my muscles and neural pathways can be reprogrammed through slow, gentle body movements – and there is now hope that I will not be in constant pain for the rest of my life.”

Betty Odom

“I had been to four other physical therapists before coming to BMPT for my knee pain and I had not seen any improvement or reduction in pain. When I came to BMPT, the therapist did a very thorough examination and review of my problem before beginning treatment. I received personal attention and more relief than I ever expected. My knee is better now, I can walk again without using a cane and I feel more stable.”           

Hugh Mayronne


“I came in with vertigo and neck and jaw pain and was unable to work.  I had been to various doctors and had many treatments before, all to no avail.  When I came to BMPT, the therapist identified some mechanical causes that were creating the imbalance that gave me the vertigo.  In just a few weeks, I had no pain or vertigo and I could return to work.”           

Micah Nix


“My balance was terrible when I came for physical therapy.  With treatment at BMPT, little by little, things improved dramatically.  Now I can walk without weaving from side to side and I have more sense of security when I walk.  I appreciate the therapists patience and expertise in making me so much better!”           

Mary Alice Goodridge


“After dealing with chronic back pain for months, I was referred for physical therapy at BMPT.  To my surprise and pleasure, the therapist helped me understand how to readjust my habits of sitting, walking and standing so as to take pressure off the problem areas in my back.  The exercises he taught me to do for myself are as easy and gentle as his hands-on mobilizations.  I am so pleased with my improvement and the prospects for my pain-free future.”           

Gwendie Camp