Black Mountain Physical Therapy is proud to have joined Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services. We still have the same great team and location.




Manual Therapies

Many “hands-on” tools that assist in bringing your body structure into balance, reduce pain, inflammation or facilitate movement and rehabilitation. Including but not limited to:

~Soft tissue mobilization

~Joint mobilization

~Myofascial release

~Feldenkrais® Method

~Therapeutic massage

~Trager® Approach


~Muscle Energy technique

~Positional release technique

~Intramuscular Dry Needling

Therapeutic Movement & Exercise

A safe, dynamic and intelligent approach to facilitate mobility, range of motion, strength and coordination while emphasizing proper initiation of movement and awareness, in a manner that supports daily function

Neuromuscular Reeducation

The process of learning to move more efficiently and with less strain. Also involves enhancing sensation, joint and muscular control and balance.

Balance and Gait training

Improving balance in standing and seated positions as well as facilitating normal gait.


These may be helpful in reducing inflammation and accelerating tissue healing.


Laser Therapy

Electric Stimulation

Taping procedures

Hot packs


Anodyne therapy

Alignment, Dynamic Posture and Body Mechanics

The activity of learning to painlessly stand, sit, and move in a way that reduces pain, stress on joints and tissues and supports efficient action suited to the activity.