At Black Mountain Physical Therapy we are pleased to offer quality, personalized care with one-on-one treatments that are skilled, intelligent, and effective. A highly focused interaction with each patient leads to the development of an individualized and effective treatment plan.



“The care I received at BMPT has provided drastic improvement in my physical condition and abilities. The therapist’s professional and compassionate manner put me at ease from my very first treatment.”

Kathy Shook

“The feedback I have received from patients who have been treated by Clifford Shulman has been extremely positive. They are very impressed with his personal one on one approach and his comprehensive care.”

David Baskin, M.D.


An Integrative Approach  

BMPT promotes an integrative treatment approach involving comprehensive assessment of biomechanical and structural problems as well as issues of functional use. We believe that any single physical dysfunction exists within the context of the whole musculoskeletal system and the demands and movement habits of our daily lives. Our job is to discover the underlying causes and links that either create, sustain or exacerbate the condition. We assess and treat mobility, strength, control, posture, movement habits, body mechanics, pain, inflammation and demands of daily living. In short, we not only look at the areas that give you a problem, but identify the ways in which you move and use yourself that can be improved. This provides genuine and more enduring relief to most conditions. Interventions encompass skilled manual therapies, therapeutic exercises, and neuromuscular reeducation, as well as modalities such as ultrasound, heat, light, and electric stimulation as needed. Education in efficient movement is emphasized for restoration of optimum function and pain resolution.